Know the departments of the Kenyan aviation regulator

There are more departments at KCAA besides licensing. Jimmy Wanjala Many aviators do not know the functions and departments of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). But the State agency has many more departments besides those dealing with the regulation of the aviation industry. PERSONNEL LICENSING Personnel Licencing (PEL) is a department within the Directorate of Aviation Safety, Security and Regulations (DASSR). The Manager Personnel Licencing (MPEL) reports to the Director of Aviation Safety, Security and Regulations and is responsible for the oversight of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 1 requirements in Kenya. Consumer Protection The Consumer Protection function entails assessment of the needs and wants of customers in the aviation industry and providing a forum for redress against unfair competition besides ensuring compliance with the laid down code of practice; ensuring that the quality of services provided meets consumer expectations; enforcement of policies, rules, regulations and procedures relating to the rights of consumers. The Aviation Consumer Protection Section of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority was launched in 2004 to ensure that all aviation consumers obtain the best services and value from the service providers within the aviation industry. Any stakeholder who has a complaint or issue of concern may communicate through AIRWORTHINESS The Airworthiness Department is responsible to the Director of Aviation Safety, Security and Regulation (DASSR) for all matters concerning the continuing airworthiness of aircraft as required by the Chicago Convention, Annex 6 and 8. The functions and responsibilities of the Airworthiness department are: 1. Review, process and record applications for registration of aircraft, registering and de-registering aircraft. 2. Grant or validate aircraft noise certification. 3. Survey aircraft for issuance renewal and validation or acceptance of certificates of airworthiness and processing of documents, as appropriate. 4. Issue and review of maintenance organisation approvals, air operators, and where no separate licensing Department exists, aircraft maintenance training organisations’ approvals. 5. Record, review and process application forms of aircraft maintenance personnel for issuance, renewal, validation and extension of licenses and ratings. AVIATION SECURITY The Aviation Security department is responsible for the oversight of aviation security in the Republic of Kenya. FLIGHT OPERATIONS Flight Operations is an important department in the Aviation Safety and Security Regulations department of KCAA. The department is segmented into the appropriate aircraft categories and operational components as determined in the regulations. Each section has a group of specialists who perform a number of duties and functions on behalf of Flight Operations. AIR TRANSPORT The Air Transport Department undertakes to develop a dynamic and sustainable air transport system in Kenya through the provision of the following services. • Processing and issuance of Air Service Licenses • Processing and issuance of Temporary Air Service Licenses • Processing and issuance of Adhoc Permits. • Processing and issuance of Aircraft lease approvals. • Processing and issuance of Domestic scheduled air service approvals. Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services and Meteorological Regulation. AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT The Role of AIM is to ensure the timely flow of Aeronautical Information necessary for the Safety, Regularity and Efficiency of National/International Air Navigation. AIS collects, collates, assembles, edits, formats, originates, publishes and distributes Aeronautical Information necessary for Safety, Regularity and Efficiency of Air Navigation concerning the entire Nairobi Flight Information Region (FIR). AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES Air traffic service is a generic term meaning variously, Flight Information Service, Alerting Service and Air Traffic Advisory Service, Air Traffic Control Service (Area Control Service, Approach Control Service or Aerodrome Control Service.) ENGINEERING SERVICES The Engineering Services Department is responsible for the management of air navigation infrastructure that enables the provision of air traffic services in Kenya’s airspace. In undertaking this responsibility, the department ensures that the infrastructure so deployed is available, safe, secure, reliable and efficient round the clock. EAST AFRICAN SCHOOL OF AVIATION The East African School of Aviation (EASA) is the training Directorate of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and an Approved Training Organization (ATO). Corporate Communications Department The reputation of KCAA is vital. In an age where information flows instantaneously, it is critical that our communication with both internal and external audiences is managed in a coordinated way.