Gone Too Soon: Celebrating Jonathan Inganji Ishema

Jimmy Wanjala The Flight Training Centre Wilson Airport celebrates one of their most dedicated student pilots, Jonathan Inganji Ishema from Rwanda. Jonathan died after an accident in his apartment. Jonathan was born on July 26 1990 and died on July 1 2022, only 25 days before his 32nd birthday. He joined kindergarten at the age of three at Our Lady of Fatima in Kinshasa, DR Congo. In 1997, he started his primary school education at the Belgian School in Goma, DRC, until 2003 before joining Mwanga College and the Maendeleo Institute, Goma, completing in 2009. The following year, he continued with Aviation School at Skylink Service and later FTC Flight Training in Nairobi. He was to graduate later this year. Jojo, we all wanted to see you fly but not so high and not so quickly because you have left a huge void; a void that cannot be filled the way you filled our lives. Because, Jojo or rather Jobill, as many called you, was always cheerful and jovial. INGANJI, the conqueror, you conquered our hearts. Many of the conquered hearts are present here. ISHEMA, you are our pride, we were all waiting to take selfies with the family pilot. A bit like Caesar, you came, you saw, you flew and you conquered. Above all, “you stayed true even though you were exhausted.” As you even once posted on Instagram. Your light in our hearts will never be extinguished. ISHEMA was and will always be one of our best as he lives on in our hearts forever.