Boskies: The firm redefining Africa Safari

'Boskies' handles freight, photographic flights, aerial surveys and provides emergency relief flying services. Jimmy Wanjala Z Boskovic Air Charters’ story begins with the remarkable life and times of a man called Zivota Boskovic. “Bosky,” as he came to be known, learned to fly in his native Yugoslavia in 1936. His life was to undergo a dramatic change with the arrival of the invading German forces in 1941. He managed to escape by air and joined the British forces in Greece. As a Royal Air Force (RAF) Spitfire pilot, he eventually found himself based in Tobruk, flying directly into the battle for control of North Africa. A gifted pilot, he survived over 100 dangerous operational sorties in enemy skies. After the war, he flew to Kenya with the RAF. In this remote and beautiful land, he found an earthly paradise far from war-torn Europe, which offered endless opportunities to the tenacious adventurer. In 1949, he emigrated to Kenya and began to work as a pilot, gaining great knowledge of the country and its flying conditions. Fourteen years later, he bought a Cessna 182 and started his own charter business. AIR TAXI SERVICE Z Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is now one of the leading East African private charter companies and is used by all of the region’s established safari companies. In addition, “Boskies” as the airline is nicknamed, handles freight, photographic flights, aerial surveys and provides emergency relief flying services. It thrives in meeting clients’ needs and ensuring flexibility and adaptability of the business. Whether it is changing travel plans or special client requests, Boskies provides services made to order. Throughout East Africa, Z Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is a byword for the best in the charter business. Z Boskovic Air Charters Ltd took to the skies in 1963 and quickly became a popular and highly respected air taxi service. Combining the best of local knowledge and international standards, Boskies became the air service of choice for the region’s growing safari business. In 1991, Z Boskovic Air Charters Ltd bought its first Cessna Grand Caravan. With its excellent durability and large capacity, the Caravan has become the backbone of the business. Boskies now has 14 grand caravans in its fleet. The year 2000 saw Boskies deliver Kenya’s first brand new King Air, making a new and luxurious addition to the fleet. Zivota worked tirelessly to build East Africa’s largest charter company with meticulous attention to detail and standards. When he passed away in 1998, at the age of 84, he left behind a great legacy. Boskies business serves East Africa’s elite safaris. This region is the original home of the safari. Today, this is still the ultimate African safari destination. It is a land of wide-open spaces and great freedom. Visitors are drawn here by the opportunity to experience the wildness, which has remained unchanged with the passage of time. The range of animal and bird species in East Africa is one of the planet’s greatest natural attractions. While on safari here, you have the freedom to explore an unmatched diversity of landscapes from open Savannah to snow-capped peaks, searing deserts and unspoiled tropical beaches. Flying has always played a part in the great safari tradition and the airplane has long been the finest way to truly explore this awe-inspiring landscape. Boskies offers clients the ideal opportunity for this absolute freedom. A chartered air taxi service is the best way to move around East Africa. Flying gives the visitor more time to relax and enjoy each destination without having to endure long and uncomfortable vehicle transfers on bush roads. Boskies’ other services include freight and cargo movement, business travel, aerial and photography flights, animal rescue, air ambulance flights and humanitarian services Boscovic Air Charters fleet comprises 18 aircraft - Eight Cessna 208B caravans, 5 Cessna 208B EX caravans, 1 Beechcraft Kingair, 2 Cessna 206 Stationaires, and 2 Cessna 310. The firm boasts a team of experienced, savvy, professional and skilled managers, pilots, maintenance crew, and operations crew who have the ambition to be the premier air services solutions provider in Africa and beyond. The charter firm also has an exclusive cosy lounge where all local travellers can check in without the hustle of going through the departure lounge. Boskies’ mission is to provide safe and high-quality services for the benefit of all stakeholders, a statement that is publicly demonstrated through their compliance and culture of operational safety and well-trained customer services team.