How to have a plane crash in Somalia

Jimmy Wanjala Major media houses registered the gravity of how a Fokker 50 hit a fence and rolled severally. The alarmist showed videos of fire fighters spraying a fireless fuselage and a smoky engine on the Runway. Not trying to make a joke out a plane crash. But similar accidents have happened before worldwide and it was fatal. But a Fokker 50, clipped a fence on landing and rolled severally, breaking off one wing and leaving debris all over the threshold of Runway 05 of Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu. But by the time the firefighters arrived, all the passengers had disembarked and gone home with their bags with no injuries. What a way to have a plane crash. The passengers remained calm and no screams were heard until the rolling aircraft came to a standstill. (it’s a normal day at work, just the captain trying to land upside down). After the aircraft settled, the cabin crew stepped in for the emergency evacuation. The tower was about to clear the next aircraft for landing when they noticed a smoking engine on the runway. The airline involved insisted in their statement that there were NO fatalities and they were right. This is how drills are done to prepare people for emergencies. There was one passenger from Dinsoor who had carried his poodle, he was spotted helping the fire fighters in the drill. What a way to crash. After the plan had settled. Only one passenger filled a complain, Muhamed Abdi Kareem. In the drill they didn’t consider the toilet. He was in the toilet when he found himself upside down, and abandoned ship. It’s not funny, any landing you walk away from is a safe landing, not a crash. Safe landings.