A flight dispatcher with a keen eye on the law

Norah Kaggia incorporates her passion for aviation with her law practice. Capt Maseka Kithinji Norah Kaggia is a young flight dispatcher about to complete her studies in law. She will soon be admitted to the bar, becoming an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Raised in Nakuru County in a family of five, Marion dreamt of working in the aviation industry. Her closest cousins, already in the field of aviation further shaped her dreams. One of them worked as an air hostess with Qatar Airways and another as an aeronautical engineer with the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). “I enjoyed dressing my cousins up for work and spending time with them when they were on holiday, listening to their stories,” she observes. While at Solian Girls High School in Nakuru, her desire to make a positive impact on her community grew. This inspired her to pursue a law degree to promote human rights with an eye on the aviation industry. As a third-year law student determined to find her niche in the sector, she enrolled for a part-time course in Airport Operations and Flight Dispatch. “I was excited to learn about the basics of the aviation sector such as the setup of an airport, different personnel working in the airport and their roles,” she says. After completing her studies in Flight Dispatch, she decided to focus on completing her law studies. She currently works for a Nairobi-based law firm, specialising in aviation matters. Her passion has helped her redefine legal issues in the industry. As a member of Girls in Aviation Africa, her networking scope within the sector has boosted her career prospects. “Through the frequent checkup meetings, the girls keep me in check while steering me to achieve my long-term dream,” she Ms Kaggia. She plans to join flight school as she maps out how best to contribute to the growth of the sector through policy and regulation.