Kenya trained aviators miles ahead of their peers

immy Wanjala As parents who want their children to train in other countries, Kenyan training schools have proven again and again that they train students well even in emergencies. An emergency can be trivial or major. The most feared emergency is engine failure on approach or on takeoff. In the past 4 weeks, we have had 3 crash landings from training institutions but all the students who were flying walked away after crash landing in bushes. On August 13, a Trainer Aircraft 5Y-CII took off with students from Naishi Airstrip at the Nakuru National Park, heading towards Mara North. The new school is run by young pilots. The student executed a near-perfect forced landing in Njoro. Naishi village is in Njoro Sub County. The pilots and passengers walked away with minor injuries and a story to tell. In another scene, an instructor and student took off from Nanyuki on the Cessna 172, 5Y-CDX owned by Mt Kenya Flying School based in Nanyuki. The instructor was a veteran pilot in his 60s. After taking off, a possible engine failure forced them back to the ground. Yesterday 5Y-BWE took off from Wilson Airport at around noon. The aircraft is owned by Flitestar Academy. The aircraft is 140 Horsepower and had 4 onboard before it ended up in the national park. These incidences were all related to emergencies during training and all these students’ despite being from different institutions executed near-perfectlandings.