Exam headache that has made many pilots quit

Examinations are generally difficult. The system used to examine pilots is independent; only Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is certified to do this. There are more than 4,000 questions in the system, and you don't get the same paper twice. The grammar alone takes can cost you several marks. Abdi, my friend, one day walked into the exam room and after reading the first paper, he walked out. He is now a successful businessman in Eastleigh. The question could be very simple if you understand it. The pass mark is 75 per cent, unlike in high school where it is 60 per cent. You have to pass all eight exams. The bar is high. Passing four subjects is a must for a partial pass. Anything less than that is not good enough. Booking the exam costs Sh20,000. One can always resit the exam whenever they are ready in case they fail. Commercial pilot students in Kenya should thank the Association of African Approved Aviation Training Organisation (AATO) and the Director General KCAA, Emil Arao. The recommendation to KCAA to change the system has been implemented following the promulgation of Advisory Circular CAA-AC-PEL006E on August 1, 2022 to bring into effect the policy of credit pass. When you pass a subject, you get credit for it and have a year to finish the rest. Previously, you had to have four minimum passes to complete the course.